Lawn & Garden

Utility Screen

One piece post/panel screen.

Shower Kits

Options include two kits and a third wall and door option to customize your outdoor shower.


Mailbox Posts

Transform your front yard with Xpanse mail box posts stands.

Accent Fences

Easily stake in fence modules to accent your outdoor decor.

Features & Benefits

Utilize Xpanse low maintenance accent fences or utility screens to define boundaries or cover up unsightly areas.

Accent Fences Utility Screen
Transferable Limited Lifetime warranty
Hardware included
No digging required
Dimensions 37.75″ x 30.88″
32″ x 37.24″
47″ x 32″
32.29″ x 45.89″
Number of styles 3 1
Colors White, Black (Ivy) White

Complement your house with easy to install mailbox posts and outdoor shower kits.

Shower Kits Mailboxes
Transferable Limited Lifetime warranty
Hardware included
Installation Over wood 4×4 posts Over wood 4×4 posts
Dimensions 50.25″ x 50.25″ 4″ X 54″
4″ X 67.75″
5″ X 68″
Number of styles 1 4
Colors White White