Secondary Handrail

The Xpanse vinyl secondary handrail is a highly acclaimed railing product that provides added safety to any stair or ramp. A fully adjustable internal joiner can accommodate any angle from 0 to 90° for complete code compliance of any installation of ADA secondary handrails for stairs. The simplicity of installing the Xpanse vinyl or aluminum handrail compared to pre-bent fittings is unparalleled, and this system can be mounted to wood, vinyl, masonry or metal.

Features & Benefits

ADA Compliant

Transferable Limited
Lifetime Warranty

Hidden Fasteners

Secondary Handrail Features

  • ADA compliant
  • Metal-to-metal connections
  • Accommodates angles up to 90°
  • Hidden fasteners

Available Colors



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Secondary Handrail Style

Vinyl Handrail

Vinyl Clad Aluminum Handrail lengths: 120″, 104″, 80″

Colors: White

Aluminum Handrail

Aluminum Handrail
Aluminum Handrail lengths: 120″, 104″, 80″

Colors: Matte Black, White, Matte Bronze


Secondary Hand Rail

180° Return Loop

Straight Joiner

Handrail Joint Ring

Handrail Adjustable Joiner

90° Post Return

90° Corner

Straight Wall Return

Mounting Bracket

Inside Corner Mounting Bracket

End Cap